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Living Classics super finalists perform at Red Square Book Fest

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Living Classics super finalists perform at Red Square Book Fest


Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

Super final stage of Living Classics competition was held in Moscow as a part of the Red Square book festival on Pushkin’s Day, official website of Russian Ministry of Education and Science reports. Eleven schoolchildren participated in the super finals. These kids managed to break through local and regional qualification stages and the final stage held last month in Artek.

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the contest participants with a welcome message. He paid tribute to this large-scale project connected to promotion of the Russian language and culture. He remarked that Russian is in high demand in the world.

Deputy Minister of Education and Science Tatiana Sinyugina gave a speech to the young readers before the super finals. She congratulated them with victory in the contest and noted that they were already winners, as only the best of the best children were selected for the contest super final stage.

It is noteworthy that apart from the jury consisting of actors, film directors and the State Duma representatives, the participants were judged by festival spectators at the last stage of the competition.

Young readers proclaimed passages from Lev Tolstoy, Vasil Bykov, Andrey Bitov and other authors at the stage.

After the scores were counted, the jury announced winners. Ekaterina Krytsina from Bryansk Region, Kirill Litvinchuk from Krasnodar Region and Polina Antonova from St. Petersburg won the contest. The contest organizers presented them with rewards and commemorative prizes.

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