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Peace and War to be staged at Yasnaya Polyana in open air

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Peace and War to be staged at Yasnaya Polyana in open air


Flickr/DariusTolstoy Weekend Theatre Festival will start with Peace and War opera on June 9th in Yasnaya Polyana, TASS reports. This staging by Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Music Theatre was written specially for this festival to be staged in the open air. Main parts are played by Natalia Petrozhitskaya, Dmitry Zuev, Nikolay Erokhin, Anatoly Loshak and Roman Ulybin.

It should be reminded that the festival is dedicated to 96th anniversary of Yasnaya Polyana – the family estate museum of the celebrated Russian writer situated near Tula.

The festival bill traditionally consists of interpretations of Lev Tolstoy’s books. Stagings based on other writers’ masterpieces are included into the programme this year too. More than twenty various activities will be held on several venues within these three days. Spectators will see theatre performances, storytelling, public discussions and round tables.

Twelve different theatre troupes will arrive at Yasnaya Polyana from Russia and other countries. Performances will be arranged at two stages, in the apples’ garden, The Kliny Park and The Volkonsky House.

Polish theatre staging in video format of The Death of Ivan Ilyich and discussion on the topic Influence of Russian Culture on Polish Theatre will take place at the festival. A meeting with playwright and stage director from Germany Armin Petras is planned. He staged many famous novels by Tolstoy.

A large-scale staging of Anna Karenina by Sevastopol Drama Theatre will close the festival.

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