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Photo Exhibit dedicated to Soviet Soldiers opened in Cuba

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Photo Exhibit dedicated to Soviet Soldiers opened in Cuba


A major photo exhibition devoted to World War II started its work in Cuba, as per TASS. It is located in the international camp named after Julio Antonio Mella. This camp was initiated by Fidel Castro and it has been functioning for more than forty years.

The exposition is organized by Rossotrudnichestvo representative office in Cuba. The main subject of the exhibit is liberation mission of the Red Army in Europe in 1944 – 1945. The central place among the exhibited items is occupied by the photo of Soviet Soldiers raising the red Victory Banner over Reichstag building in Berlin.

According to Rossotrudnichestvo representative Vladimir Yaroshevskiy, organizers wanted to remind people about great contribution made by the Soviet Union into the Victory over Fascism and liberation of European countries. He mentioned about millions of people who had died in that horrible war.

The lecture by Yaroshevskiy evoked vivid interest by the audience. People from different countries admired heroism of the Soviet soldiers and noted that diminishing of the Soviet Union role played in the Victory over the Fascist Germany was unacceptable.

Camp guests got to know about the Immortal Regiment movement and were presented with St. George ribbons.

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