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Exhibition "101 lives. Perished Children of Donbass" opened in Berlin

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Exhibition "101 lives. Perished Children of Donbass" opened in Berlin


Mobile photo exhibition in commemoration of passed away kids from Donbass was presented in Berlin, RT informs. The exposition of pictures about war realities in South-Eastern Ukraine was organized by public organization "Mothers against the war. Berlin – Brandenburg”. Displayed portraits of the perished children give shivers down the spine.

The photos encourage the Berlin citizens to remember thousands of victims among civil population including more than one hundred children during the armed conflict in Donbass.

Exhibition authors suppose that Europeans do not care much about the conflict. Similar initiatives might help to break the existing wall of silence and misunderstanding.

The exhibition will last until March 18, and later will be moved to other German cities.

According to the Russkiy Mir Foundation, this exhibition was opened on the premises of unacknowledged Donetsk People’s Republic’s representative office in the Italian city of Turin.

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