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All countries could join mine lifting in Palmyra

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All countries could join mine lifting in Palmyra


Press-service of RF Ministry of Defence

All countries interested in keeping world historical and cultural heritage may join mine-lifting operations in ancient Palmyra, TASS reports.

According to Sergey Rudskoy who is managing the main operational administration of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, representatives of different countries can participate in the process of mine removal. 

Syrian governmental forces after liberating Palmyra will continue to advance to the East from the city and broaden secure zones towards the North and the South, Rudskoy added.

The first group of Russian clearance engineers consisting of almost 200 people has arrived at liberated Palmyra. The military officers have started works.

It is worth reminding that mine-lifting operations near the ancient monuments have been started already. The Syrian experts trained by Russian soldiers are conducting them.

As per the Russkiy Mir Foundation, Affiliate of International Mine Action Center started to function in Aleppo at the end of January. After the training is over, Syrian soldiers will be able to use acquired skills for mines and unexploded shells clearance. The students will form a specialized clearance company afterwards.

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