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Book is still a popular present for International Women’s Day

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Book is still a popular present for International Women’s Day


Popularity of love stories and books of romantic poems has significantly increased the day before International Women’s Day, according to TASS. Managing director of Moskovskii Dom Knigi Nadezhda Mikhailova believes that capital citizens still consider a book as one of the best presents.

Usually, various related souvenirs - sweets or magnets with congratulations, are added to the present kit. The sale of the souvenirs has ten times increased the day before 8 March.

Besides that, customers choose recipe books with bright decorations. However, the demand for them this year is much lower than previously. Nevertheless, Edition Love Cuisine is a permanently popular gift. The sale of this book has five time increased lately.

The most high-demanded editions include love novels by foreign writers and the book of poems 100 Love Verses.

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