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Francois Fillon called EU for lifting Anti-Russian Sanctions

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Francois Fillon called EU for lifting Anti-Russian Sanctions



It is high time Paris raised a question about lifting anti-Russian sanctions. Such was the public statement of Francois Fillon who is running for the presidency in France, TASS reports. He represents the Republican Party. The politician made this statement during his speech at the International Exhibition of Machinery and Equipment for Agriculture in Villepinte, France.

Fillon is sure that restrictions are negatively effecting revenue of the France agricultural sector. According to him this situation is typical not only for France but also other countries of the European Union, too.

This is not the first time when he talked about negative impact of the sanctions. In his point of view, “This stupid embargo” has negatively influenced, first of all, French producers of agricultural goods.

It should be reminded that as early as the beginning of February, the politician mentioned that the relations with Russia should be restored. The Republican candidate refers to this issue as the strategic one.

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