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International students in Russia will get 1-year visa

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International students in Russia will get 1-year visa


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The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation approved a draft law that allows international students to enter Russia with a one-year visa, RIA-Novosti reports. Problems of foreigners who want to get a college degree in Russia were put into an attention at the Round Table. The meeting took place in the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation on February, 14. In particular, the participants touched on the issues of obtaining and extending of the student visa and employment prospects.

As per the representative of MIA Migration office committee Alexander Tolstobrov, the visa issue is currently being resolved. The idea of giving out 1-year (instead of 3-month) visa is already supported in the MIA office. Now this question is going to be handled in other authorities.

Let us remind that The Ministry of Education has already developed a legislative amendment that allows newcomer students from other countries to skip on getting Russian visa for the second time. Instead, they will be able to continue studying under the same visa they've got during the application process.

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