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The Ban on the Russian language can split off Ukraine

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The Ban on the Russian language can split off Ukraine


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Alexander Vilkul, a representative of Opposition Block, is sure that the ban on the Russian language will split off the country. The Member called the actions of the Head of the Parliament unacceptable, when it was decided to forbid speaking Russian during presentations. A simple method of control was chosen which is simply to switch off speaker’s microphones, as per RIA Novosti.  

In the words of Vilkul, these actions infringe the Verkhovna Rada regulations, allowing the Russian language. The ban also contradicts the European Charter for Minority Languages. 

The Member of Parliament asked the Rada to avoid issues splitting off the country.

However, Andrey Parubiy, the speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, does not consider this situation as a conflict. In his opinion, languages of national minorities are never spoken in any parliaments around the world. He promised to provide deputies with an interpreter if necessary. 

It should be reminded that recently the draft decree About the Language was submitted for approval to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. The deputies who initiated this decree offered impelling central and local authorities to speak the Ukrainian and making it the only and obligatory language in Ukraine. This law should spread on all high educational institutions as well. 

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