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Sergey Lavrovproposes to open a division of The Hermitage in UAE

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Sergey Lavrovproposes to open a division of The Hermitage in UAE


Foto: The Hermitage Museum
During his speech at the Russian-Arabian forum, Foreign Minister of Russia: Sergey Lavrov proposed to open a division of The Hermitage in United Arab Emirates.

According to the Russian minister, there are several branches of world-renowned museums to be opened in UAE, among them The Louvre from Paris, and The Guggenheim from New York. Mr Lavrov thinks that now is a good time to talk about this endeavour that would have a positive impact on bilateral relations of our countries.

Another branch of the Hermitage museum will be opened soon in Barcelona, Spain.

At this time such branches are open to the public in Amsterdam, Venice, Kazan, and Viborg. There are representational branches in US, Canada, Israel. The Kuwaiti government has also expressed the desire to open the Hermitage branch in the city.

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