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XI Russian World Assembly Will Take Place in Nizhny Novgorod Region

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XI Russian World Assembly Will Take Place in Nizhny Novgorod Region


XI Russian World Assembly will be taking place on 3-4 November 2017 in the Nizhny Novgorod Region. This was announced by Vyacheslav Nikonov, Head of the State Duma Committee on Education and Science and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Russkiy Mir Foundation, during his meeting with the representatives of the Youth Parliament, Legislative Assembly of the Nizhny Novgorod Region, at the State Duma.

The Russian World Assembly is an annual meeting of compatriots living abroad, eminent scientists, political experts, workers in culture and art, and teachers of the Russian language, organized by the Russkiy Mir Foundation.

The Assembly’s program includes panel discussions, round tables, topic-related sessions, case studies in the field of the Russian language, culture, history and philosophy of the Russian World. The annual forum helps to reflect the modern creative and intellectual potential of the Russian World, and the growing interest to learning Russian and about Russian culture.

The First Russian World Assembly on 3 November 2007 at Moscow State University marked the start of the Russkiy Mir Foundation activities. The Foundation set large-scale aims and goals that cover every aspect of what is usually called the Russian World.

The Russkiy Mir Foundation was established on 21 June 2007 by the Decree of President Vladimir Putin. The goals are to promote Russian language – Russia’s national asset and the main element of the Russian and world culture – as well as to support Russian language programs in Russia and abroad.

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As the Russkiy Mir reported, residents of Papua New Guinea addressed the head of the Russian Orthodox Church with a collective petition to establish an Orthodox mission in their country. This proposal was put forward after Kirill Shrakbul, a priest and head of the ROC mission in Taiwan, had visited Papua New Guinea.
On September 1, millions of children in Russia went to school. And millions of their peers in Ukraine also went to schools. Everything seems to be the same: flowers, bows, well-dressed children, excited parents... And yet there is a difference and a very significant one: children in Russia go to schools to study in their native language. However, starting with this academic year, hundreds of thousands of Russian-speaking children no longer have this opportunity in Ukraine.