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Mireille Mathieu receives honorary diploma of Envoy of Russian language

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Mireille Mathieu receives honorary diploma of Envoy of Russian language


Photo: Russia's Presidential Executive Office
A French singer Mireille Mathieu has become an Envoy of the Russian language to the world, reports TASS/a>. She was handed over a special honorary diploma during an official ceremony held in Paris.

Receiving it, Mireille Mathieu said she was extremely proud to get the award. According to her, she enjoys reading works by Pushkin and listening to Russian songs. “I was captured by the beauty of the Russian language long time ago”, she noted.

The singer said she had been present at the ceremony of consecration of the new cathedral built in Paris and listened to the speech delivered by Patriarch Kirill. “The new cathedral is a symbol of good relations between our countries”, she added.

The diploma was handed over to the singer who had performed in Russia many times by Rector of Pushkin State Russian Language Institute Margarita Rusetskaya.

It is to be recalled that Mireille Mathieu celebrated her jubilee in summer 2016. President of the RF Vladimir Putin congratulated the singer on the occasion noting that she is loved by the audience “both in Russia and other countries”.

Mireille Mathieu gave her first guest performances in Russia in 1967. In 2005, she participated in a gala-concert taking place in Red Square, Moscow, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Great Victory. In 2008, she was a guest of the Russian World Assemblyarranged by the Russkiy Mir Foundation annually. Mireille Mathieu will visit Russia again next year to give her guest performances in Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

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