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Legendary Sunny Clown Oleg Popov dies

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Legendary Sunny Clown Oleg Popov dies


Photo: watercolor by Marion Baars /wikimedia.orgA legendary Sunny Clown Oleg Popov died suddenly in Rostov-on-Don at the age of 86 during his guest tour throughout Russia, reports TASS.

According to Director of Rosgostsirk Dmitry Ivanov, Oleg Popov died on feet from cardiac failure though he had felt well recently.

The clown performed till his dying day. He gave two performances in Rostov-on-Don and before them he had performed in Samara. Actors who performed along with Oleg Popov will arrange their next performance in his honor.

As Director of Rosgostsirk puts it, it would be desirable the public viewing be arranged in Russia though Oleg Popov will be buried in Germany.

The legendary clown had a fantastic career. He was considered to be able to work in all the circus genres. He became the People’s Artist of the USSR at 39. He was welcomed excitedly in many countries and he was called a sensation. His name is found in the Guinness Book of World Records.

As it was reported by Russkiy Mir website, the famous clown visited Russia for the first time over the past 25 years. He was invited to the award ceremony of the Master Circus Award held in Sochi as a special guest and was awarded The Legend of Circus Prize there.

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