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Actor Vladimir Zeldin dies at 101

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Actor Vladimir Zeldin dies at 101


Photo: Russia's Presidential Executive Office
A famous Russian theatre and cinema actor Vladimir Zeldin died at 101 early in the morning of October 31, reports TASS. He was under medical treatment at Sklifosovsky Hospital.

Yesterday, Vlaimir Zeldin’s wife said that her husband had been in military hospital for three weeks and he was put to Sklifosovsky Hospital two days before. Doctors did their best to save his life but failed to do that.

Vladimir Zeldin was the oldest actor in the world who continued his career till his death. It is to be recalled that he celebrated his 101st birthday on stage of the Central Academic Theatre of the Russian Army where he had worked over 70 years playing tens parts in classical and contemporary plays staged there. Vladimir Zeldin played in four productions, including Long, long ago, Man of La Mancha and Dances with the Teacher performed at the Central Academic Theatre of the Russian Army and Uncle’s Dream performed at Modern Theatre.

He also starred in a lot of films and such famous movies as Svinarka i pastukh, Carnival Night, Uncle Vanya, 31 June, Duenna and Ten Negro Children are among them.

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