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State Duma to summarize results of Peace Generation project

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State Duma to summarize results of Peace Generation project


On 2 November 2016, the Small Hall of the State Duma will host a ceremony to summarize results of an international project Peace Generaition. The event will take place within the program of the World Generation Youth Forum organized by the State Duma Committee on Education and Science together with the Russkiy Mir Foundation.

The Forum is to gather 170 delegeates, the most active participants of the Peace Generation project from 45 countries. The particpants represent 85 Russian and foreign universities, schools, youth organizations, and media. 

Among the speakers are famous politicians, scientists and social workers. The program also includes an award ceremony for the winners of various art competitions, an open lecture by Vyacheslav Nikonov, Head of the Committee on Education and Science, titled "Choosing your future: Education in the modern world". Moreover, it is planned to establish an International Youth Association of University and School Students learing Russian.

Note. Peace Generation project was established in 2015 by the Russkiy Mir Foundation supported by the State Duma Committee on Educaiton and Science. During the past year, the Russkiy Mir Foundation organized more than hundred educational, scientific, cultural events aimed at promoting Russian language, Russian history, science and culture, strengthening of international and cultural cooperation of the youth, and promoting real information about our country.

The Piece Generation Forum will be taking place in Moscow on 2-4 Novermber 2016. The program has various discussion and meetings with politicians and social workers, presentations of projects, works shops ans lectures, tours etc. 

More information on the Piece generation Forum

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