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Moscow hosts 4th International Congress of Fine Literature Translators

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Moscow hosts 4th International Congress of Fine Literature Translators


Photo: The 4th International Congress of Fine Literature Translators starts in Moscow. Over 300 people, including translators, philologists, literature agents and book publishers representing more than 50 countries and a lot of Russian regions have arrived in the Russian capital city to take part in it.

According to the congress arrangers, translators’ work is extremely important as people living in different countries get reliable information on human life reading books. Specialists dealing with translation from Russian into other languages are special as the life of Russia is often described in the context of political situation by global mass media.

The Congress is aimed at the exchange of opinions on the promotion of Russian literature throughout the world and discussion of professional issues. It also contributed to the improvement of translators’ professional skills.
Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for International Cultural Cooperation Mikhail Shvydkoi is among the participants of the event. A Russian writer Eugene Vodolazkin, linguist Maxim Krongauz, one of the best translators from Russian into English Lisa Haden (U.S.) and a famous Russian poet and translator Mikhail Yasnov are to speak at the Forum.

The congress program includes a meeting with some representatives of contemporary Russian literature and the congress participants will have the opportunity to gain exposure to the activity of the Institute of Translation.

The award ceremony of READ RUSSIA Prizes is going to become part of the congress program. It is awarded for the best translation from Russian into other languages.

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