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Actress Zinaida Sharko dies at age of 87

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Actress Zinaida Sharko dies at age of 87


Photo: Galina Kmit/RIA Novosti A famous Russian actress Zinaida Sharko died at the age of 87 yesterday, reports RIA«Novosti».

Zinaida Sharko was born in Rostov-on-Don in 1929. She was a leading actress at the Tovstonogov Russian State Academic Bolshoi Drama Theatre. She was invited to join the theatre company by the Director of the BDT Georgy Tovstonogov.

She played in several tens of plays staged at the theatre, including famous productions of Three Sisters by Chekhov and Five Evenings by Volodin, staged by Tovstonogov.

The actress is well-known by cinema lovers as well. She appeared in movies directed by Kira Muratova and Vitaly Melnikov.

The Tovstonogov Russian State Academic Bolshoi Drama Theatre Company expressed their condolences to Zinaida Sharko’s family members and her friends. Information on the farewell ceremony will be announced later.

Zinaida Sharko won the Stanislavsky Prize for her personal contribution to the theatre development and won several awards for her roles played in films including the Nika Award.

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