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Russian Language Center in Barcelona

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Russian Language Center in Barcelona


On 6 April, a Russian Language Center established by the Russkiy Mir Foundation and the "House of Russia in Barcelona" started its activity in Barcelona.

The Russkiy Mir Foundation has donated the Center over 1,300 books and multi-media aids that include belles-lettres books, scholarly literature and textbooks. The Center is supplied with interactive blackboards, laptops and the system of learning foreign languages using tablets which are available for anyone who wants to learn the Russian language. The course students will be provided with the remote access to Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library. An “Interactive methodical laboratory” that is a co-project by the House of Russia in Barcelona and the Philology Department of the Moscow State University is about to start its activity as well. It is supposed to provide Russian language teachers with consultations given by lectures working at the Philology Department of a famous Russian university.

The new center is an open platform and does not belong to the university. It is available for the Spanish and their adopted Russian children as well as for Russian compatriots living in Catalonia.

Lia Luchnikova, General Director of the House of Russia in Barcelona, told the Russkiy Mir Foundation about the Russian language courses for adult students that are supposed to be arranged adding that there are plenty of courses for children available.Fewer people are interested in the Russian language at the moment that is the reason why we should promote it. We are going not only to teach people Russian or arrange seminars or round tables but to build a platform for research referring to the Russian language and Russian culture, ‒ she said.

The foundation of the Russian language Center in Barcelona has become an upscale event for Spain. Russian Ambassador to Spain Yuri Korchagin, Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for International Cultural Cooperation Mikhail Shvydkoi, Executive Deputy Director of the Russkiy Mir Foundation Sergei Shurygin, and Director of the standby center of Boris Yeltsin Presidential Library Vladimir Levkin were present at the opening ceremony. The guests had a chance to learn about the services the Center provides and to be present at a master class on teaching the Russian language that was focused on mistakes and complicated things foreign learners face when they are learning Russian.

In 2015, the Russkiy Mir Foundation established a Russian Center at Granada University. For several years now Offices of the Russkiy Mir work in Madrid and Barcelona. There are 106 Russian Centers and over 140 Offices of the Russkiy Mir located in different countries of the world.

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