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Sergei Prokofievs Anniversary to Be Celebrated Nationally

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Sergei Prokofievs Anniversary to Be Celebrated Nationally


Photo  RIA NovostiRussian President Vladimir Putin believes the anniversary of great composer Sergei Prokofiev should be celebrated nationally. He made this statement at the meeting of the Mariinsky Theater’s Board of Trustees, TASS reports. He lamented the fact that Russians often forget about the acclaimed musician.

In 2016 Russia will celebrate the 125th anniversary of Sergei Prokofievs birth. Valery Gergiev said a few months ago that he would do the utmost to draw the publics attention to the date.

The Russian leader ordered the Culture Ministry to draw up a plan of national celebrations.

Valery Gergiev, the Mariinsky Theaters artistic director, noted that Sergei Prokofiev died on the same day as Joseph Stalin, on 5 March 1953, which is why his funeral did not have much of an impact.

The conductor went on to say that Sergei Prokofievs music had always been a part of his life. “When I turned nine, I performed his simplest etudes, and I felt even then what a great talent he was,” he added. Valery Gergiev said that he had made his conducting debut with a production of Prokofievs War and Peace at the Kirov Leningrad Theater.

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