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Vyacheslav Nikonov: Russia and America Are Very Close to Nuclear War

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Vyacheslav Nikonov: Russia and America Are Very Close to Nuclear War


Russia and America are on the brink of nuclear war, says Vyacheslav Nikonov, State Duma Deputy and Chairman of the Russkiy Mir Foundation Management Board. He says America is engaged in a proxy war with Russia via Ukraine, as it is not able to admit Russia’s power and strength, Zvezda reports.

The political scientist says that it is very important to recognize how close the countries have come to armed conflict.

Vyacheslav Nikonov recalled the “doomsday clock” which a group of Nobel prize laureates use to indicate the proximity of humankind to a nuclear catastrophe. “Right now the clock shows three minutes to midnight. That’s very close,” he noted.

The tension level in international relations is increasing as NATO moves ever closer to Russia’s borders. “Russia can only please the United States by ceasing to exist as a state, but that is not in our plans,” Nikonov emphasized. He said that the attempt to isolate a country which occupies one-eighth of the earth’s landmass and has the fifth largest economy in the world is “utterly naïve.”

The expert is convinced that reason will hold sway over emotions, as “everyone understands what the use of nuclear arms would lead to: the destruction of every living thing.” However, Nikonov says that there are no signs of efforts to reach a compromise.

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