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Russia’s National Ice Hockey Team has won The Deutschland Cup, TASS reports. Russian hockey players came out on top at the decisive match with Slovakian team with score 4:2 and getting in total 9 points in three matches and held victory in this tournament. The reservists’ team left behind the hosts of the tournament – the team of Germany with score 8:2 and then Americans...

13.11.2017 Subject: Sports

Presidents of Russia and United States of America have made a mutual statement about political solution of the military conflict in Syria in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions and Geneva process at APEC summit in Da Nang, TASS informs. Following the results of their meeting on the sidelines, Vladimir Putin and...

13.11.2017 Subject: Politics

Arrhythmia film by Boris Khlebnikov has taken Grand Prix of Sputnik over Poland Russian Film Festival, according to TASS. Jury of the film forum complemented heroes of the movie, responsible for themselves and other people despite complicated living conditions and ruthless system. Besides, the film about an infantile but talented doctor...

13.11.2017 Subject: Culture

Memorial ceremony honouring Russian soldiers who died one century ago in France during the First World War took place in Paris, RIA Novosti reports. The ceremony took place at the Russian expeditionary corps. High-rank French servicemen, Russian diplomats, Russian compatriots...

11.11.2017 Subject: History

Russian and US presidents shook hands and exchange words at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in Da Nang, TASS reports. They have met right before traditional photography session. Two presidents have been shaking hands for several minutes smiling at each other. ...

10.11.2017 Subject: Politics

First round of the Forth Russian Language Olympiad for schoolkids has completed in Israel. The event is conducted by Israel Center of Kids Creativity Support together with Rossotrudnichestvo branch in Israel with support of Russkiy Mir Foundation. The goal is to preserve and promote Russian language and culture in this country among young generation.  ...

Rubric: Grant news
Subject: Education

Netflix TV company management has shared plans on production of documentary mini-series about the last Russia’s Emperor Nicholas II, TASS reports. High-budget series titled The Last Czars will consist of six series about the monarch family, his relations with wife and children and fall of the Russian Imperial Romanov dynasty. ...

10.11.2017 Subject: Culture

A park in the central part of Belgrade is named after Alexandrov Ensemble, RIA Novosti reports. Inauguration ceremony took place today, November 10th. Serbian ministers, Russian diplomats and local inhabitants participated in it. The Park previously called Virgin's Park is located near the residence of the...

10.11.2017 Subject: Community

American Senate is going to prohibit its nationals to watch Russia-produced TV programmes. US Parliament discusses a draft law proposing to ban distributors to broadcast Russian state video content, RIA Novosti informs. Congress members believe that TV channels should not broadcast the content controlled and financed by the Russian government. ...

10.11.2017 Subject: Community

The first monument to Alexander Pushkin appeared in Slovenia, the website of the Russian Embassy reports. The bust to Alexander Pushkin made of bronze by Moscow sculptor Alexey Leonov is a decoration of the Northern City Park in Ljubljana. According to the campaign organizers, it is another proof of huge contribution of Russian culture into the world cultural heritage. ...

09.11.2017 Subject: Culture


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New Publications

The idea for the Teacher for Russia program originated with two graduates from Saint Petersburg State University, Alena Makovich and Elena Yarmanova after they came across Teach for All, a major international network of nongovernmental social enterprises. Four years have passed since then, and this year the Russian program celebrated its first graduating class.
7 November marked the centennial of the October Revolution—an event that, whatever you think of it, has done much to define the entire twentieth century. And of course, the main figure in these epoch-making events was Vladimir Ilich Lenin. We have attempted to “interview” the Bolshevik leader so that he might explain how he related to the tasks of revolution, politics, morality, and other questions that are important to us all.
Poland appears frequently in the Russian informational space, but sadly, it appears almost every time for a painful reason. This results in a corresponding tone for discussions in online forums. Of course, even a passing familiarity with these forums will show that a typical Russian, especially a young one, does not have a high level of knowledge about Poland (to say the least). And this is too bad, since Russo-Polish relations are very instructive.
Ludmila Rostislavovna Selinsky (USA) is a member of the Congress of Russian Americans, the Russian Nobility Association in America, and the Council of Directors for the Otrada association for cultural education and aid. She spoke with Russkiy Mir about the fates of several generations of her forebears after leaving Russia, as well as her own work to preserve Russia’s cultural heritage.