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Solzhenitsyn Museum in Ryazan to Be Ready by 2017

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Solzhenitsyn Museum in Ryazan to Be Ready by 2017


The exposition of the new museum dedicated to Alexander Solzhenitsyn in Ryazan is planned to be formed by the end of 2017. According to the Ministry of Culture of the Ryazan Region, it is currently working on options for replacement of the museum and the issue of its subordination. The next step will be the development of the concept of the exposition. 

The opening of the museum will an important milestone in the perpetuation of the memory of the outstanding writer, they stressed in the agency: it should become “the center of attraction of open-minded people, the center of formation of the open civil society”. 

To the centenary of Solzhenitsyn, which will be marked in 2018, in Ryazan will be landscaped places associated with his name, will be organized youth discussion platforms “The Conscience of Russia, or lessons on Solzhenitsyn”, will be held a series of book-illustrative exhibitions and events to promote reading. The International Scientific-Practical Conference will be also held.  

A series of commemorative events about Alexander Solzhenitsyn is scheduled on December 2015 – the Year of Literature in Russia. 

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