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Russian Room Opens in Verona

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Russian Room Opens in Verona


On October 2 the Honorary Consulate of the Russian Federation in Verona (Italy) and the Association Discovering Eurasia (Conoscere Eurasia) hosted the opening of the Russian Room. The opening ceremony was attended by Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Yakovenko, Executive Director of the Russkiy Mir Foundation Vyacheslav Nikonov, Russian Ambassador to Italy Alexey Meshkov and other Russian and Italian officials.

Verona-based Russian Room became the second facility of the kind opened by the Russkiy Mir Foundation in Italy (the first Russian Room was opened in Milan) and the 24th in the world.

The Russian Room in Verona will offer its visitors classic and modern fiction books in Russian, encyclopedias, dictionaries, educational materials, books on methods of the Russian language teaching and the best Russian films with Italian subtitles.

From the Italian side the project was initiated and supervised by Antonio Fallico, Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in Verona and Head of the Association Discovering Eurasia.
After the ceremony Vyacheslav Nikonov took part in a press conference, where told Italian journalists about foreign activities of the Russkiy Mir Foundation and about various projects of the Foundation to be implemented in Italy.

On October 3 Vyacheslav Nikonov and Antonio Fallico will sign official documents stipulating the pattern of cooperation between the Russkiy Mir Foundation and the association Discovering Eurasia. This will happen at a forum focused on development and implementation of business projects in the frame of the upcoming Sochi-based Olympic Games.

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