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Novel Contemporary Art Venue Opens in Moscow

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Novel Contemporary Art Venue Opens in Moscow


Art center ‘Exposed’ will open its doors to visitors in Moscow on November 14. The center will represent a new approach to art and cultural space. It will unite an exhibition hall, a design studio, a library, a caf, and a hall for lectures, negotiations and chamber concerts, ITAR-TASS reports.

The project was aimed to become an original space that would bring arts of different categories and disparate cultural traditions together under one roof, the founder, London-based businessman and gallerist, Ken Climie, told a news conference. He added he had not intended to create an art gallery in its classical sense but wanted a lively art process. Speaking about the region to host his venue, Climie said he had originally considered Europe, Asia and Latin America, but eventually opted for Russia as he had long worked there and saw the public was open to experiments.

A two-story space of the art center is divided into several independent zones that exhibit contemporary painting, photography, sculptures by acclaimed and aspiring artists, and original furniture. While moving from one zone to another, viewers will be able to perceive art from different points of view. The center’s zones are skillfully separated from each other, so that several various events may proceed at the same time, Climie said, adding he wanted a cozy atmosphere, where visitors would not face barriers in their encounter with art, as it usually happens.

A joint display of works by Argentinean and British artists, German, U.S. and English photographers and Russian and South African sculptors will open the center, among them John Kenny’s portrait photographs from Africa. All pieces will be available for sale.

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