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Pyotr Nalich Band Makes it into Eurovision 2010 Final

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Pyotr Nalich Band Makes it into Eurovision 2010 Final


The music band of Pyotr Nalich (Peter Nalitch), representing Russia at the Eurovision 2010 contest, on Wednesday passed to the final of the contest with the song “Lost and Forgotten.” The final will take place on May 29, ITAR-TASS reports.

Television viewers and jury all over Europe thus determined the best 10 of 17 singers that performed in the first semi-final. Together with the Russian participants other finalists are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Greece, Portugal, Belarus, Serbia, Belgium, Albania and Iceland.

The second semi-final will be held on May 27 and also 17 countries will participate in it, 9 of them will go to the final. Besides, the organizers of the competition – Great Britain, Germany, Spain and France, as well as the country host of the jubilee 55th Eurovision contest Norway – pass to the final automatically.

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