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Washington Summit to Tighten Control Over Nuclear Materials

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Washington Summit to Tighten Control Over Nuclear Materials


The parties to the Washington-held Nuclear Security Summit have agreed to tighten control over nuclear materials in the next four years, the Voice of Russia reports. The final document of the meeting points out the importance of interstate cooperation in preventing nuclear components from falling into terrorists’ hands. The summit has reiterated the key role of the IAEA and the UN in ensuring nuclear security. The summit communiquй also features Russia’s proposals, specifically the one on the importance of the International Convention for the Suppression of Acts of Nuclear Terrorism. Taking part in the summit were the leaders of 47 states, including Russia and the United States, as well as officials of international organizations. President Dmitry Medvedev spoke highly of the Washington summit and pointed out that he could not recall a less problematic summit meeting. He said the parties to the Washington summit had been surprisingly unanimous in their assessments of the current situation.

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