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Russia Enriches European Culture – Slovak President

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Russia Enriches European Culture – Slovak President


To deepen relations with Russia is one of priorities of Slovakia's foreign policy, Slovak President Ivan Gasparovic told Itar-Tass in an exclusive interview on the eve of Tuesday's visit of Dmitry Medvedev.

Gasparovic pointed out, "We, the Slovaks, view Russia as one of major European states which has been enriching and continues to enrich European culture. Russia is an integral part of European history, economics, and politics. This is what I stated during my first official visit to Moscow in 2006 during talks with the then President Vladimir Putin. I also intend to reaffirm this position during Dmitry Medvedev's official visit to Slovakia".

The Slovak President said, "There are no differences in Slovak-Russian relations. These are mutually beneficial relations, in which the spirit of partnership and pragmatism is present".

"These are relations based on friendly frankness. There is no room for Russophobia in them. We intend to continue to develop our cooperation on these same principles," Gasparovic emphasized.

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