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Photo credit: Russian performers have brought quite a few awards from Girona (Spain), where the the Golden Elephant Circus Festival was held, TASS reports. According to the Russian State Circus, they won five out of eight possible prizes, proving... .
Photo: The best features from the program of the Lamp International Festival of Social Cinema will be screened in New York. A retrospective opens on Wednesday, February 19, at the UN headquarters. It is dedicated to World Social Justice Day and is... .
Photo credit: The Russian authorities have temporarily banned Chinese citizens from entering the country, RIA Novosti reports. The corresponding decision was made in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the Russian Federation. The decree was signed by Prime... .
Photo credit: The next season of the Living Classics reader's competition has started, the Prosveshchenie publishing house writes on its website. The first stage is held in schools, where everyone can read fragments from their favorite books. The participants... .
Photo credit: Crimean bridge information center More than a million trucks crossed the Kerch Strait by the Crimean bridge since its opening, according to RIA Novosti. It took less than a year and a half. The Crimean bridge helped transport companies reduce costs by almost twenty... .
Photo credit: The Russian pavilion at the Venice Biennale will turn into a temporary architectural bureau, TASS reports. According to the organizers, it will play the role of not only the exhibition space, but also the platform for performance and cultural... .