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International conference on bilinguism takes place in Italy

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International conference on bilinguism takes place in Italy


The international scientific and practical conference called Bilingualism and the Dialogue of Cultures: Challenges of the 21st Century will be held on March 26 - 28, 2020 in Parma. It is organized by the Russian school of Leo Tolstoy (Milan), the Russian House – Italy Association and the University of Parma.

Russian and foreign scientists, teachers of universities and colleges with the teaching of Russian as a foreign language, teachers and heads of Russian foreign schools, Russian lyceums and gymnasiums with the study of the Italian language, teachers of bilingual kindergartens, practical workers, methodologists, public figures, doctoral students and undergraduates interested in issues of natural and educational bilingualism, parents of bilingual children are invited to participate in the conference. 

Literary critics, translators, foreign literature teachers at universities and schools, and historians of Russian literature are invited to take part in the literary section of the conference.

The conference is held in Russian and Italian.

The program consists of 4 sections:

1.Educational bilingualism and RSL (in Russian): current methods and techniques for teaching RSL for adults and children, organization of students' independent work with a limited number of hours, work in non-standard groups (multilevel audience, groups without an intermediary language, large groups), Russian for tourism, business Russian, short thematic courses for professionals (for example, 20 hours for hotel workers), heritages students, preparation for TORFL, preparation for participation in the Erasmus program in Russia for students of non-linguistic faculties, language practice, double diplomas, employment of graduates with the Russian language;

2.Educational bilingualism and Italian as a second language (in Italian): actual issues of teaching Italian as a foreign language at a university or school;

3.Dialogue of cultures: literature (in Russian and Italian with translation): current issues of teaching literature of the studied language at the university and school;

4.Natural bilingualism and actual problems of the functioning of Russian foreign schools of additional education (in Russian): actual problems of studying bilingualism, diagnostics of the speech development of bilinguals, age norms of their speech development, work with speech therapy problems, methods of teaching Russian to natural bilinguals, the content of the Russian language course in a Russian foreign school, spelling training (correction of phonetic writing), reading for bilinguals, teaching the world, history and mathematics in a Russian foreign school, testing and certification.

Round tables and panel discussions:

1.Actual issues of testing in RSL for children and adults;

2.Actual issues of bilingualism. The problem of self-identification and choice of the native language (on the issues of parents of bilingual children and practicing teachers);
3.Adaptation or authenticity? What to read at RSL lessons.

Themed presentations and various master classes are also planned.

Applications for performance and master classes should be sent to [email protected]


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