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Sergei Vinogradov Photo: A. Korkka Last weekend, Totma—a small town even by the Vologda Region’s standards—marked its 880-year anniversary and celebrated a traditional Russian America Day. The city once prided itself on its salt making and the seafaring merchants who traded in Siberia and America. It was a native of Totma, Ivan Kuskov, who founded Fort Ross in California, and today the town is visited by official delegations from the USA and representatives of indigenous American groups. On the Way to Totma The two hundred kilometers separating Totma and Vologda feels like five hundred when...

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Subject: Diaspora

Julia Goriacheva Aleksei Rodzianko is the director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia and the great-grandson of the last Chairman of the tsarist State Duma, Mikhail Rodzianko. We spoke with him about what happened with his family after their exile from Russia, the Russian émigré community in America, and Russo-American relations. Photo: RIA News Agency – Mr. Rodzianko, we are meeting on the cusp of the century anniversary of the revolution, which is also the century anniversary of the emigration. Please remind our readers how your family ended...

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Subject: Общество

Svetlana Alekseeva Photo: The latest round in the Polish war on monuments has provoked sharp condemnation, not only in Russia, but in other countries as well. The ruling Polish authorities are conducting a war not so much on the Soviet legacy, as on their own history, depriving citizens of the ability to pay respects to the memory of their ancestors who saved the country from fascist aggression. Such a war against memory threatens to become a serious loss for Poland itself. In mid-July, Polish president Andrzej Duda signed amendments to a law banning communist propaganda, which made...

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Subject: Diaspora

Svetlana Smetanina This summer Russian and foreign travelers are taking on a new tour route—the Golden Ring of the Tomsk district. Andrei Efremov, a member of the working group for promoting the development of tourism in the Siberian Federal District, promises that this is only the beginning of opening up Siberia to mass tourism. Plans for the near future include the establishment of an even grander tour route: the Golden Ring of Siberia. Photo: Evgeny Kozhevnikov/ “The working name for our new tourism project is the Golden Ring of Siberia,” says Andrei Efremov....

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Subject: Travel

Sergei Vinogradov “Many people think that classical music is only accessible to the elites, but this is not at all the case” — such is the conviction of the renowned Muscovite cellist Boris Andrianov. For three years now, he has reaffirmed this conviction by bringing together an international team of musicians and going on a tour through the Russian countryside. This year the Musical Expedition went to the Vologda region, where musicians gave free concerts in the monastery, at the steelworks, at an old estate, and in other places. Nearer to People The very word “expedition”...

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Subject: Culture

Julia Goriacheva This year the renowned New York-based The New Review, whose founding was spearheaded by Ivan Bunin, celebrates its 75th anniversary. Over the decades, this publication has become a real cultural phenomenon of the Russian émigré community. We spoke with the journal’s editor-in-chief, Marina Mikhailovna Adamovich, about what defines this publication today. – The New Review, which unites the Russian-speaking diaspora of many countries and nationalities, marks its 75th anniversary this year. How was it founded? – The journal’s first issue came out in January 1942 in New York,...

Rubric: Interview
Subject: Diaspora


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Viktor Tsoi monument is opened in Karaganda, Kazakhstan, reports. His father Robert Tsoi was present at the opening ceremony. "I feel very proud about my son," said Robert. The sculpture was installed by Kazakh-Korean Foundation Er Nur and Nika...
Italian bikers held a campaign directed at gathering humanitarian help for children of Donbass, RIA Novosti informs. It took place the day before in Rome. Around two hundred kilos of studying and writing materials as well as toys were collected for just a couple of hours. According to...
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov gave a speech at the 72nd session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, TASS reports. He touched upon a range of questions from the situation in Ukraine and Syrian crisis to North Korean conflict and UN reform. In...
First Russian House Museum opened its doors for Russian Old Believers in Sydney, Internet portal of Cossack Village informs. The project was initiated by the museum’s director Mikhail Ovchinnikov, chieftain of the Cossack village. Addressing the gathered guests Ovchinnikov has...
Two Russian scientists are in the forecast list of the Nobel Prize nominees, published by Clarivate Analytics, TASS reports. Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Rashid Sunuyaev (Astrophysics) and Chemist Georgiy Shulpin became first Russian scientists over the last fifteen years to enter...