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75 years anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad

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75 years anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad


This date marks the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad, the bloodiest battlefield in the history of the World War II, TASS reports. This battle has changed the course of the the Great Patriotic War, becoming the symbol of the future victory. The Red Army's defeat of the Nazi occupants was a decisive turn in World War II, leading to the final victory over Fascism.

The Battle of Stalingrad has lasted 200 days, turning each building and each street into a fortress . After this house-to-house battling around 2 million have died before the fighting ended on February, 2, 1943. The victory has raised the USSR authority to unimagined heights in the eyes of allies

Special Russian-language web project Fortress Stalingrad is available now on the TASS portal. It explains exactly why the battle took place in Stalingrad (Now Volgograd), what were the battle preconditions, why fascists have lost, what kinds of military mistakes were done by the both sides, what are the consequences of the Stalingrad Battle. The map with the fighting glory places is also available for inquisitive viewers.

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