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Russia shines with 10 medals at 2017 European Diving Championships

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Russia shines with 10 medals at 2017 European Diving Championships


Efrem Lukatsky/AP/TASSRussian sportsmen won 10 awards of different values at European Diving Championships finished in Kiev, as per the official website of Russia’s Diving Federation.

Nadezhda Bazhina and Viktor Minibayev took bronze on 366,10 scores in team competitions at the first day of competitions, having lost only 0, 40 of scores to the Ukrainians.

Russia’s Anna Chuinyshena and Yulia Timoshina performed well in 10-meter dives, having won silver and bronze awards. In a day, Timoshinina in pair with Valeria Belova has confirmed her category having won the silver medal in synchronous jumps from a tower. Nikita Shleykher and Alexander Belevtsev supported results of our women and performed well in high-board diving. They won silver on 406,56.

The Olympic diving champion Ilya Zakharov has shown a brilliant performance once again. He was second to none in 3-meter jumps from a tower. Zakharov outperformed his competitors by more than 40 scores in his best sports’ discipline. A day later, Ilya Zakharov in pair with Evgeny Kuznetsov won another gold in synchronous jumps.

Women held victory in this discipline after the men. Nadezhda Bazhina and Kristina Ilinykh scored 304, 80 in total, having put the third gold medal into the collection of Russian national team.

Overall, the national team’s coaches expressed their satisfaction with the completed competitions and acknowledged the performance of our sportsmen as very successful.

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