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New Names School opens doors for gifted kids from Russia and abroad

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New Names School opens doors for gifted kids from Russia and abroad


International Creative Summer School New Names has opened in Suzdal. Talented kids from Russia and abroad are among the participants. The Summer School organized by the namesake charitable foundation that celebrates 25 anniversary this year.

New Names Foundation representatives have underlined that the main purpose of this school is an all-round creative development, that includes professional training, elevating the level of the cultural awareness, and healthy outdoor activities.

There're very intence music, literature, art programs prepared for the young talents. They are very lucky to encounter best performers, artists and teachers at the camp. Aside of master classes, there are many other activities prepared for students and their teachers, like round tables and tours in the Golden Ring city gem Suzdal and its outskirts.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated New Names School participants with the beginning of the Summer camp season. It's worth mentioning that there's a strong competition to be accepted.

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