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Experts of Russian culture competed in Taiwan

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Experts of Russian culture competed in Taiwan


A contest of Russian language, Russian culture and Russian studies took place in State Zheng Zhi University with support of the Russian Center to mark the Russian Language Day on June 2, 2017. Teams of students studying Russian in Taiwanese universities as well as people interested in Russian language, Russian culture and history of our country participated in the contest.

The contest had two stages: the initial and the final one. Two quizzes were conducted during the first initial stage of the contest with participation of seven teams. Four best teams getting maximum scores were selected for participation in the final stage.

Participants on their own without any studying materials or e-resources answered questions on Russian language, history, geography, literature, arts and Russian studies. Russian language skills were examined at this contest alike the previous years.

Leader of the team taking the second place, a master degree student of Russia Studies Institute at Zheng Zhi University expressed his gratitude for conducting the contest. He took part in this contest last year. According to him, “the focus was made this year on modern Russian society, which was not paid sufficient attention previously. Overall, the contest provided us with fundamental bulk of knowledge about Russia.”

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