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Russia Day celebrated upfront in Berlin

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Russia Day celebrated upfront in Berlin


In the lead-up to the Russia Day caretakers and children of Russian-German kindergarten Matryoshka participated in summer-like celebration. Community of

Russian Parents and Teachers of Berlin MITRA organised this event.

Kids made a musical show based on Russian folklore fairytales. After the program was finished guest and participants enjoyed traditional Russian treats.

It worth mentioning that MITRA initiated ten bilingual kindergartens in Berlin, Leipzig, Potsdam, Köln and also private German-Russian school n/a Lomonosov in Berlin.

Natalya Livshits, Berlin


Letters from the front constitute the basis for new tourist routes that are opening in various parts of Russia this year. The eight winners have been announced in a contest for historical military routes called “Take pride, country, in your valiant sons!” Sightseers visit memorable locations connected to World War Two, which are described by those who participated in these events in letters to their loved ones. The authors of three winning routes gave tours to a correspondent from Russkiy Mir.
How did the Russian Empire arise? What tied it together? Why were the Russians, rather than anyone else, able to create the most expansive state on Earth? Who else took active part in its formation? What was it like for individual nations within the empire—did they see it as a prison or a family? You can read about all of this in the latest work of the historian Aleksandr Gorianin.