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Taffy – Immortal Regiment Award handed in Russian Army Theatre

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Taffy – Immortal Regiment Award handed in Russian Army Theatre

The First Taffy – Immortal Regiment Gala Awarding Ceremony took place in the Russian Army Theatre the day before. The Road to Berlin won in The Best Television Feature Film\ Series nomination, TASS reports.

The movie premiere based on the novel by Emmanuil Kazakevich titled The Two in the Steppe was held in 2015. It is a story about two red army men caught in the siege and forced to fight to get through to their allies.

The film producer Alexander Litvinov received the award from the ceremony hosts and thanked the award founders, film operators and those who participated in movie-making process. He underlined that the work was tough and that the award is a merit of the whole team shooting the movie first of all.

The Road to Berlin got another prize: the jury complemented work of the operator Shandor Berkeshi.

Sergei Mokritsky was acknowledged as the best film director for his feature Battle for Sevastopol. The jury also awarded the coverage by Ekaterina Lushnikova called Live Broadcast from The Mauthausen Concentration Camp, organized by the 70th death anniversary of the unbreakable General Karbyshev. The awards for the best documentary, feature film and short-length movie were handed out as well.

The ceremony hosts and guests agreed that every generation ought to know about World War II. Russian Television Academy Foundation President Alexander Akopov, who was also present at the ceremony, has expressed assuredness that films about WWII will never cease to exist.

A festive concert with participation of Russian popstars took place after the awarding ceremony.

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