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First Russian-British Round table in MGIMO

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First Russian-British Round table in MGIMO


First Russian-British round table was conducted in Moscow State Institute of International Relations University. Consolidating of the cultural and scientific contacts between our countries were discussed, RIA Novosti reports.

Russian and British academicians and professors agreed that cultural and scientific connections play the principal role when diplomatic and political channels between the countries remain paralyzed.

Academician Andrey Fursenko has marked that scientists and culture workers of our countries can allow themselves to think less about the red lines and more about the basic science issues and general values.

MGIMO rector and a leading expert on Russian foreign policy, Anatoly Torkunov agreed with his colleague on the science diplomacy importance today.

In their turn, British scientists expressed the hope that as a result of strong collaboration between professionals from academic circles the relations between Russia and Great Britain will significantly improve.

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