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Kizhi museum shares methods of unique wooden monuments preservation in Rome

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Kizhi museum shares methods of unique wooden monuments preservation in Rome


mkrf.ruThe Kizhi museum representatives took part in the scientific conference in Rome. They shared their unique experience of wooden architecture monuments’ preservation, website of the Ministry of Culture reports. A specialized meeting was held in the Higher Institute of Conservation and Restoration in Rome.

The agenda contained exposition of carpenters and woodworkers labor tools and specimen of traditional carpenter technologies including methods of wooden logs restoration.

A scientific conference dedicated to wooden architecture monuments preservation was organized on the Institute premises too. Counterparts from Italy were interested in educational projects proposed by the Kizhi museum and in museums experience of managing cultural objects.

Besides, an agreement was signed on the subject of bilateral experience sharing and development of educational exchange programmes between the Institute of Conservation and Restoration of Rome and the Kizhi museum-reserve.

In Italy the museum continued collaboration with International Center for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property on preparation of the first international training based in the Kizhy museum. There are several dozens of applications from twenty countries already.

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