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Vasily Verecshagin's exhibit at Russian Museum

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Vasily Verecshagin's exhibit at Russian Museum

21.04.2017 V.Vereshchagin. 1903. An Outing in a Boat. Oil on canvas. State Russian Museum.
Vasily Vereshchagin. To the 175th Anniversary of the Artist exhibition opened at The State Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg. As the title uncovers the exhibit is held in conjunction with 175th artists' birthday.

Vereschagin was mostly interested in military subjects but theres are much more themes at the exhibition. 220 works of the great master are presented to the public, including famous landscapes on the oriental themes. Exposition compiles the fullest collection of Vereschagin's paintings and graphics from many Russian museums and private collectors. Such museums as Tretyakov Gallery, State Historical Museum, art museums from Pskov, Novgorod, Yaroslavl, Kazan and some others provided Vereschagin's works from their collections. 

Vasily Vereshchagin exhibit also comprises unique artefacts form The Russian Museum archive and household articles from Russian Ethnographic museum relating to the life and work of the artist.

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