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RT nominated for prestigious social media award

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RT nominated for prestigious social media award


RT360 mobile panoramic video applicationhas been nominated for the Shorty Awards, the world’s leading social media prize, for its achievements in the field of social networks. The application was designed for panoramic videos view, RIA Novosti informs. Besides, RT channel won viewers voting in four categories.

As per TV channel representative, taking several prizes at once is a perfect result, especially if it is the first experience of participation in the largest international social media award. According to him, RT will move forward. He has extended hope that this award will become RT teams trophy many times in future.

RT360 is a finalist in Best in Photo and Video Apps and in users voting. TV channel was one of the first international media sources to issue news video content in this format two years ago. RT has more than one hundred panoramic videos in its database.

Spectators also acknowledged Cosmos 360 to be the best specialized project of RT channel as the best example of VR-technologies application. With participation of Russian state company Roscosmos and Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, RT was first to demonstrate unique panoramic views of the Earth from Space last autumn.

Video materials about 71st anniversary of WW2 Victory Parade took the leading position in The Best Live News Coverage category, leaving behind American ABC News and Bloomberg. RT is broadcasted in all major social networks.

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