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50 countries participate in 2017 Yalta International Economic Forum

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50 countries participate in 2017 Yalta International Economic Forum


wikipedia.org2017 Yalta International Economic Forum started today April 20 in Crimea, as per TASS. It is one of the four largest economic forums in the country. Around 1,5 thousand people will take part in it.

It is already the third forum this year. Its organizers promise that they will overcome last year’s record on the number of foreign guests. About two hundred participants from abroad representing almost fifty countries are expected to attend the Yalta forum. Among the participants are authorities representatives and administration, businessmen, government officials, economists, analysts, international experts.

The main topics of the forum are Russian and Crimean economies strategies, attraction of investments and tourism development.

Italy has been broadly represented at the forum. Delegations from France, Austria, Japan, Iran, China and from many other countries are present too. Names of guests are kept in secret by the organizers because of sanctions imposed on Crimea.

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