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Russian singer will not perform at Eurovision in Kiev

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Russian singer will not perform at Eurovision in Kiev


Marina Antipina/TASS

European Broadcasting Union criticized the decision of Ukrainian authorities to ban Russian signer Yulia Samoylova from participation in Eurovision song contest, as per TASS

Union representative David Goodman has regretfully said that despite they tried to make the Ukrainian Security Service allow all earlier announced countries’ participation in the song contest, they failed to reach an agreement with Kiev authorities on this question.

However, preparation for the contest is in full play in Kiev. It will take place in May 2017. European Broadcasting Union is not going to cancel the contest organization and its broadcasting.

Eurovision organizers have stated that absence of the Russian performer in Kiev jeopardizes unity and non-political character of the event indeed, at this, the top priority for them is successful organization of Eurovision.

Russkiy Mir Foundation advised earlier that Yulia Samoylova is banned from entering the Ukrainian territory. The indicated reason for the ban was performance of the signer in Crimea in 2015.

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