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X International Russian Music and Culture festival

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X International Russian Music and Culture festival


X International Russian Music and Culture Festival to be conducted in the concert hall of Poseidon Resort Hotel located in of Loutraki, Greece on July 18–28.

Organisers: Non-profit organization Kedros Syn that promotes Russian-Greek cultural relations with support of Russkiy Mir foundation. The festival is conducted under the auspices of the municipality Loutraki-Peraсhora and Russian center of Science and Culture in Greece.

200 well-established musicians, scholars and students from Greece, Russia, Italy, Finland, Netherlands, China, USA, Iran, Japan and other countries are coming to participate.

Kedros Syn representative and festival organizer Elena Kondratova has stressed that the goal of the festival is to promote cultural cooperation between Russia, Greece and countries from Europe and Asia, and also to promote Russian language and Russian performing arts abroad.

Professors of Moscow Conservatory, London Royal Academy of Arts, Artez Concervatory in Netherlands, Sibelius Academy in Helsinki and others will conduct numerous master classes.

There will be also actors classes based on Stanislavsky's method with several respected Russian theater school teachers. Presentation of the three-volume book devoted to Russian literature, the only issue of a kind in Greek language is going to happen as a part of the literature program.

Russian young musicians from Russia, fellows of Spivakov and Krainev International Charity Foundations will give several concerts.

All festival concerts are conducted in Apollo Hall I in Hotel Poseidon Resort Conference center, Lutraki.

All concerts start at 9 pm

Free entrance


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