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Summer School of Russian Language Russia's Studies

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Summer School of Russian Language Russia's Studies


Omsk State Pedagogical University (OmSPU) invites everybody to attend the Summer School of Russian Language from 1st until 20th of August 2017. OmSPU has a long-term experience of foreign students’ preparation and provides a unique opportunity of studying Russian language during summer holidays.

An intensive course of the Russian language is developed by specialists from the department of Russian as a foreign language at the philology department of OmSPU.

The school programme is as follows:

July 28 – July 31: Arrival

August 1: Welcome Ceremony and Russian language test

August 02 – 17: Linguistic course and cultural programme

August 18: Final language test

August 19 (Sat.): Graduation Ceremony with handing out Certificates. Closing ceremony

August 20 – 23: Departure

Students will be divided into groups of ten people depending on their level of the Russian language knowledge – Beginner, Basic or Advanced.

At the beginning students will have an orientation course about the city, peculiarities of way of life in Russia, climate and other specific features of staying in Omsk, a course structure.

The Summer School of Russian language includes an opportunity for students to visit sights and memorial places of Omsk, excursions to museums, exhibitions, cinemas and clubs.

The application can be submitted to the international collaboration department until 31st of May 2017.


[email protected], [email protected]

8 (3812) 24-37-95

Department of international cooperation


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